Project Information
Department PATH
Facility PATH
Description/Scope Provides for purchase of 340 new PA-5 cars to replace the outdated existing fleet. New cars will have more electronics to allow for maintenance diagnostic systems to record faults for repairs and interface with new signal system. Cars also have passenger enhancements such as a Passenger Video Infotainment. PATH exercised an option to add 10 more cars for a total of 350 new PA-5 cars.
Project Category State of Good Repair (SGR)
Program Category CARS
Asset Type Rail Systems
Project Schedule/Milestones
1 01/01/2001 01/01/2001 12/31/2002 12/31/2002
2 01/01/2003 01/01/2003 12/31/2003 12/31/2003
3 01/01/2004 01/01/2004 05/15/2005 05/15/2005
4 05/16/2005 05/16/2005 12/29/2017 12/29/2017
Project Cost ($ in Thousands)
 Prior Year20142015201620172018201920202021202220232024 and BeyondTotal Project Cost
Plan 590,566 3,468 1,248 1,319 20,619 617,219
Actuals 590,566 5,001 -1,096 594,470
The last of the 350 railcars were received June 25, 2012. Fleet wide improvements on going. Substantial completion expected by Mid 2017.
- Cost Performance/Variance (Plan vs. Forecast)
- Project Cost trending within 3% or less than plan
- Project Cost trending between 3% and 10% of plan
- Project Cost trending over 10% of plan
- Schedule Performance/Variance (Plan vs. Forecast)
- Project Completion trending within 3 months of plan
- Project Completion trending with a 3 to 6 months delay
- Project Completion trending with over 6 months delay
A: Actual date; F: Forecast date
Stage - Project Stage
1: Conceptual Design Stage
2: Preliminary Design Stage
3: Final Design Stage
4: Construction Stage
1. "Trending" is a snapshot of the project's current cost or schedule forecast, which is being managed to meet Plan by project completion.
2. The performance indicators noted on this Dashboard serves as a tool to monitor the dynamics of a living Capital plan that is adaptable to changing priorities,     demands and markets conditions.
3. 2015 Actuals are through 1st Quarter.
4. Actual costs shown are preliminary unaudited results.